Permutation Puzzles

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    Yes Online Summer Session D

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How many different batting orders are possible for nine baseball players? It’s probably more than you think. How does a GPS device figure out the fastest route? We’ll look at weighted graphs to find out. Through puzzles, games, and other activities, students will explore combinatorics, a mathematical field fundamental to probability and computer science. Prepare to be amazed and to amaze others with your knowledge of the math behind choices and possibilities!

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About Online Your Extraordinary Saturday (YES)

For Students In Grades 1 – 4

MITY’s online learning program for talented younger students features inquiry-based classes covering a range of high interest topics. Students are grouped by age (1st/2nd and 3rd/4th) to ensure the appropriate level of challenge. Each class contains four synchronous learning sessions, hands-on activities and ways to extend learning at home. In addition, one week of each session is used exclusively for social emotional development and fun community building activities.
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