MITY Alumni

TCITY/MITY alumni live all over the world, yet they remain connected to the friends that they made during their summers of discovery. Many former students highlight the non-academic benefits of their experience in addition to the stimulating coursework. “I attended MITY for six years and contribute my self-confidence and self-love to the people and encouragement I found at MITY. If it weren’t for MITY, I would not be who I am today.” Alumni also appreciated the program’s diverse environment: “Meeting kids from all age groups, backgrounds and places around the world made a huge impact on me.”

Children and grandchildren of former participants enroll in MITY’s classes each year, continuing the tradition of learning and discovery.

Tell Your MITY Story

Are you a TCITY or MITY alumni, parent/guardian of a MITY student, or former staff member? We invite you to share your story of how MITY inspired you! Please complete this simple form. We’d love to hear from you!

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