Online Your Extraordinary Saturday (YES)

For Students in Grades 1 – 4

MITY’s online learning program for talented younger students features inquiry-based classes covering a range of high interest topics. Students are grouped by age (1st/2nd and 3rd/4th) to ensure the appropriate level of challenge. Each class contains four synchronous learning sessions, hands-on activities and ways to extend learning at home. In addition, one week of each session is used exclusively for social emotional development and fun community building activities.

"MITY made me comfortable with doing things outside of the norm and made me self-confident enough to take more risks."

- MITY Alumni

2022 Online Program Dates:

Winter Session:  February 5, 12, 19*, 26, and March 5, 2022

Fall Session:  To be announced

*Indicates (optional) community building week
Elementary aged student making an art project with colored construction paper
YES student online screenshot of project

Program Details

Technology Skills and Requirements

Students will need reliable high-speed internet access and a desktop, laptop, or iPad with audio and video enabled. Students should be comfortable with the device they are using. MITY does not utilize a Learning Management System such as Seesaw. Instead, MITY communications will be sent to the parent/guardian email(s) on the application.

Parent Involvement

Some parent/guardian involvement may be required depending on a student’s comfort level with the technology being used. Parents/guardians are encouraged to talk to their student about what they are doing in their MITY coursework.

Student Performance Evaluation

Students do not receive a grade or performance evaluation. The purpose of MITY’s online elementary-aged classes is to provide talented, motivated, and curious students the opportunity to pursue an area of interest and try new things in a safe and supportive environment. Students are more likely to take risks and learn from mistakes if they are free to be creative and work at their own pace.

Class Size

Classes are kept small to ensure individual attention and a high-quality experience for all learners.

Admissions Criteria

There is no specific test score or GPA requirement. We are looking for students who perform well in school and are excited about learning.

Policies for MITY's Online Programs

All program participants and their parent(s) or guardian(s) are required to read and abide by the “MITY Online Expectations and Code of Conduct” and the “MITY Digital Citizenship Agreement.” Families are asked to acknowledge their understanding of and acceptance of these documents when they apply to a MITY online program.

How it Works

Each class meets synchronously for 75 minutes on Saturday mornings. Within each five-week session, there are four classes and one community building week (as noted in the program dates section). Students may take one or two classes per session, although we encourage families to enroll in two classes per session to maximize their student’s MITY experience. Each five-week session runs independently from the others, so families can decide which sessions work best for them.

Class Structure

Classes meet together online each week for group instruction, activities, games, sharing work, and discussion. Importantly, while instruction and activities will take place online, students will also be asked to do hands-on projects each week that do not use a screen. Most, but not all, classes will culminate in a final product at the end of the session. Students who are unable to participate in a synchronous learning session should contact their instructor ahead of time to make alternate arrangements.

Time Commitment

Students should expect to spend 2 hours per week working on each class (this includes the 75-minute live portion), noting that this is an average and that some individuals may require more or less time with the material. Community building activities are optional and hence are not counted in this total. Students are expected to be logged in on time for each class.

Community Building

MITY’s educational philosophy focuses on whole-child development, and hence MITY staff host one non-academic virtual gathering each session to enhance students’ social emotional skills as well. These social forums will feature fun activities and some wacky challenges that enable students to socialize, build friendships, find peer support, explore new talents, take risks, expand their cultural awareness, and experience the joy that comes with being part of the MITY family.

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What do people say about MITY’s Online YES program?


"We loved our experience! This is how online education should be done."

"Terrific program. Highly recommend."

"Love MITY!"

"The instructors are amazing, high energy and really built students’ interest in the topic."


"It’s fun learning things that I don’t get to do in school."

"The teachers are funny and nice."

"I love that we get to build things and use our imaginations."

"I like meeting new people that don’t go to my school."

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