For over 50 years, MITY has attracted bright students in grades one through twelve from throughout the Twin Cities and around the world, inviting them to embrace their intellectual curiosity in a stimulating environment.  Our mission is to offer an educational experience in which gifted and talented students explore their passions and are challenged to grow on an academic, creative, and personal level.

MITY offers unique STEM, Humanities, and Fine Arts courses in three exciting academic programs, each taught by master teachers.  Students dig into new topics, stretch their thinking, develop non-cognitive skills, and meet a diverse group of people who share their love of learning.  MITY’s safe, inclusive climate fosters a feeling of family among students and staff, empowering participants to be themselves and shine in new ways.

I invite you to read about each of our unique programs to see how your child can benefit from the opportunities that we provide. A MITY-fine experience awaits.


Erica Brewinski
MITY Executive Director



Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth’s mission is to offer an educational experience in which gifted and talented students explore their passions and are challenged to grow on an academic, creative, and personal level.



Twin Cities Institute for Talented Youth (TCITY) was launched in 1967 when several Minneapolis and St. Paul public school educators, along with their academically gifted students, sought a way to continue learning beyond the regular school year.  With the support of local foundations, businesses, school boards, and private donations, 300 talented high school students were selected to participate. The first summer classes were held at Murray Senior High School (now Murray Junior High School) in St. Paul.


In 1969, the TCITY office was moved to Macalester College.  From then until 1981, the program was fully funded by the Minneapolis and St. Paul districts, and only students who resided in those districts could attend.  When state funding for summer programs was eliminated, TCITY became a non-profit organization that was open to all talented students and charged tuition.


In 1985, TCITY offered its first residential program.  Eight years later, ExplorSchool, a program for current 5th and 6th graders, was launched at Randolph Heights Elementary School in St. Paul.  That same year, 1993, TCITY changed its name to Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth (MITY) to reflect its booming student population, which now consisted of youth from across Minnesota, the country and the world.

In 2002, Your Extraordinary Saturday (YES), a Saturday program for 1st-4th grade students, began to hold classes in November and March.  In 2011, ExplorSchool moved to St. Paul Academy & Summit School, followed by the YES program two years later. MITY celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2017.


Today, MITY serves 500 – 600 students in grades 1 through 12 each year.  While the organization has expanded to serve a broader range of students, our core belief has remained consistent: that diverse, highly motivated students deserve the opportunity to satisfy their thirst for learning and expand their vision for the future.  For 52 years, the MITY and TCITY experience has inspired thousands of students to recognize their gifts, and has empowered them to flourish.

Why Choose MITY

 MITY seeks to provide capable, inquisitive students with an inspiring experience that challenges them to dream big and explore new possibilities. We offer:
  • An intellectually challenging, unique, hands-on curriculum
  • A range of programs and classes to engage many interests, talents & learning styles
  • Ongoing opportunities to connect and apply learning to the real world
  • Collaborative problem-solving with other bright, eager students
  • Small class sizes (each limited to 16 students) to ensure individual attention
  • Exceptional faculty and staff
  • A fun and rewarding experience
MITY created an environment where learning, growth, and intellectual curiosity all pushed me outside of my comfort zone.  The people and the impression that MITY left on me have become some of the greatest memories of my childhood.

MITY Alumni

Your Extraordinary Saturday
The best program for young kids to explore technologies and science and learn collaboratively.

MITY Parent

Your Extraordinary Saturday
This is a fantastic program for kids to get more education around a topic(s) of interest that they do not get in their normal school. All smiles and excitement about these Saturdays!

MITY Parent

Your Extraordinary Saturday
MITY is a true treasure in our community.  We're very lucky.

MITY Parent

Expand Your Mind Parent
MITY is one of the few places in the Twin Cities that tailors the learning to kids who seek challenges.  It’s been invaluable for my sons.

MITY Parent

ExplorSchool Parent

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Meet Our Team



Erica Brewinski

Executive Director, MITY
Andrea Heckel 200×200

Andrea Heckel

Office Manager, MITY

Board of Directors


  • President Paul Chmelik, Former Head of School
  • Vice President – Dan Pennie, BTC Management, Inc.
  • Treasurer – Chad Miller, Thrivent Financial
  • Secretary – Andrea Heckel


  • Anil Arcalgud, Ecolab, Inc. 
  • Derrick Banks, SAP America, Inc.
  • Anne Brataas, The Story Laboratory
  • Erica Brewinski, MITY
  • Judy Cognetta, Community Volunteer
  • Katherine Geary, Jim Geary & Associates
  • Ashley Goetzke, Mounds Park Academy 

  • Matthew Hunt, US Bank

  • Ann Huntrods, Briggs & Morgan, P.A.

  • Chuck McBeain, Bank of America

  • Karine Moe, Macalester College

  • Ted Smetana, Auxilium Consulting, LLC

  • Jamil Stamschror-Lott, Creative Kuponya