Don’t Let Tuition Be A Barrier To Inspiration


MITY believes that talent, intellectual curiosity and desire are not restricted by economic, geographic or ethnic background.  This is why it works hard to maintain a robust financial aid program.  As a non-profit organization, donor support is critical to empowering kids and helping all eager young people recognize their full potential. 

Roughly 100 students receive tuition assistance each year, something that would not be possible without the generous support of our donors.  100% of donations go toward student scholarships.  As one MITY parent noted, your tax-deductible gift “is an investment into both the advancement of these kids’ education and the future of our communities.”

Thank you for your generosity!

With MITY-gratitude,

Erica Brewinski

MITY Executive Director

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What do people say about MITY?

  • What Do Parents Say?

    “MITY gives children the opportunity to explore real world challenges, allows them to see potential in future careers and gives them voice and choice with what to explore.”

    “MITY is a game changer…. It opened our eyes to ways to expand our kids’ interest and curiosity.”

  • What Do Former Scholarship Recipient Students Say?

    “I am a first-generation college student and the residency program gave me and my parents a glimpse of possibility and independence.”
    “I have been going to MITY for six years and I contribute the self-confidence and self-love to the people and encouragement I found at MITY. If it weren’t for MITY I would not be who I am today. Coming from a limited background, it has been important to me to meet kids from all age groups, backgrounds and places all over the world. If it weren’t for MITY, I wouldn’t be comfortable with who I am and would have succumbed to the peer pressure to conform a long time ago. Thank you for everything!”


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