In-Person and Online Programs for Summer 2021!

In Person Expand Your Mind

Online ExplorSchool

COVID-19 Information

MITY prioritizes the health and safety of its students and staff and has developed a MITY COVID-19 Preparedness Plan for its In-Person Summer 2021 Programs. In addition, MITY is offering online classes to meet the needs of those who are unable to travel to campus this summer or who choose not to do so due to the pandemic.

ExplorSchool students building with materials

About Minnesota Institute
for Talented Youth

MITY offers much more than rigorous curriculum – its educational philosophy is to develop students not only academically, but physically and socially as well.  Students enjoy fun recreational activities that foster friendships, build teamwork and generate opportunities for peer support and leadership development. Students are free to embrace their true selves, take risks, and experience the true joy of being a part of the MITY family.

In-Person Your Extraordinary Saturday (YES)

(Fall / Winter / Spring)
A New Adventure Every Weekend
Upcoming Dates
2021-2022: TBD

In-Person ExplorSchool

Your Summer of Discovery Awaits
Upcoming Dates
Summer Dates: June 20 - July 1, 2022

In-Person Expand Your Mind (EYM)

Learn on a College Campus
Upcoming Dates
Session A: July 12 - 23, 2021
Session B: July 26 - August 6, 2021

Online Your Extraordinary Saturday (YES)

Upcoming Dates
2021 - 2022: TBA

Online ExplorSchool

Upcoming Dates
Summer Session: July 12 - 23, 2021
Fall Session: TBA

Online Expand Your Mind (EYM)

Upcoming Dates
2021 - 2022: TBA


For over 50 years, MITY has attracted bright students in grades one through twelve from throughout the Twin Cities and around the world, inviting them to embrace their intellectual curiosity in a stimulating environment.  Our mission is to offer an educational experience in which gifted and talented students explore their passions and are challenged to grow on an academic, creative, and personal level.

MITY offers unique STEM, Humanities, and Fine Arts courses in three exciting academic programs, each taught by master teachers.  Students dig into new topics, stretch their thinking, develop non-cognitive skills, and meet a diverse group of people who share their love of learning.  MITY’s safe, inclusive climate fosters a feeling of family among students and staff, empowering participants to be themselves and shine in new ways.

I invite you to read about each of our unique programs to see how your child can benefit from the opportunities that we provide. A MITY-fine experience awaits.


Erica Brewinski
MITY Executive Director

Erica Brewinski MITY Executive Director
ExplorSchool students with teacher pointing out something outside

Our Purpose

MITY provides capable, inquisitive students with an inspiring experience that challenges them to dream big and explore new possibilities.  We offer an array of academic classes to engage multiple interests, talents and learning styles, stimulating young minds to apply their learning in new ways.  Students are free to perform without the pressure of grades, often collaborating with other eager learners to achieve extraordinary results.

What It's Like To Attend MITY

MITY provides a safe, welcoming environment where bright and motivated students can come together and be their unique selves. Students from all over the Twin Cities and beyond form life-long friendships as they collaborate to address real-world challenges, play games, and explore exciting topics at a stimulating pace. For the really quirky, smart kids who dare not to be themselves during the school year, MITY is the sanctuary where they can fly their real flag, relax, and be themselves.
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