Who Discovered Christopher Columbus?

Why did the government change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day? Who exactly did the Spanish encounter when they landed in the Caribbean islands in the late 15th century? This class will explore the Taino culture and their contributions. We will study the engineering used in their buildings and canoes, recreate petroglyphs by learning the symbols of their language, and examine artifacts they used for fishing and cooking. Join us as we play their games, explore their legends, and better understand their incredible way of life.

About Your Extraordinary Saturday (YES)

For 1st – 4th Grade Students

A New Adventure Every Weekend

Your Extraordinary Saturday enables inquisitive, high achieving students in grades 1 - 4 to continue their learning outside of the traditional classroom. Courses are intentionally designed to inspire inquiry, activate imaginations, and engage eager learners in hands on discovery that is not possible within a regular classroom setting. While students are in class, parents are invited to listen to professional speakers on topics related to raising bright children, socialize with other parents, or visit a local coffee shop.

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