Roller Coaster Engineering

Buckle your safety belt!  In this hands-on class, students will build their own small-scale model roller coasters using pipe insulation and marbles, and then analyze them using physics principles.  Students will examine conversions between kinetic and potential energy as well as frictional effects to design roller coasters that are completely driven by gravity.  Using various marble types to represent different passenger loads, the class will culminate in a friendly competition to determine the most innovative and successful roller coasters.

This Course has no upcoming dates

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About Your Extraordinary Saturday (YES)

For 1st – 4th Grade Students

A New Adventure Every Weekend

MITY's program for elementary students enables inquisitive, high achieving 1st - 4th grade students to continue learning outside of the traditional classroom.  Courses are intentionally designed to inspire inquiry, activate imaginations, and engage eager learners in hands on discovery that is not possible within a regular classroom setting.  While students are in class, parents are invited to listen to professional speakers on topics related to raising bright children, socialize with other parents, or visit a local coffee shop.

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