Online ExplorSchool Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions about our at-home learning program for current 5th – 7th grade students (school year sessions) / rising 5th - 7th grade students (summer session).  Families of admitted students receive complete details via email prior to the start of a session. Still have a question? Email or call us at (651) 696-6590.

General Questions:

What are the Dates and Times of Each Session?

What Do I Do If I Need Tech Support?

Enrolled families will receive login information for each course a couple of days before the session begins.  If you are experiencing difficulty logging in, contact the teacher or call 651.470.6722.  If you are having trouble with a specific application used in a course, contact the teacher directly.

Application Questions:

Is There an Application Deadline?

No. MITY reviews applications on a rolling basis and will accept students into a class until it begins or becomes full.  When a class becomes full, it is noted on the website next to the course name and a waitlist is started.

What are the Criteria for Admission?

There is no specific test score or GPA requirement.  Students do not have to be identified as “gifted and talented” by their school district to attend.  We are looking for students who perform well in school and are passionate about learning.

Should all of the application components be sent together?

All the application components do not need to be sent together; however, we will not review an application until we receive a report card, student essay, teacher recommendation, and payment (or a request for financial aid).

What Happens if my Student is not Accepted?

Families receive a full refund if their child is not admitted into the program.

Staff, Class Size, & Student Evaluation Questions:

Who Teaches the Online ExplorSchool Courses?

MITY hires master teachers for each course. Most of them have been teaching in our program for several years and know how to work with gifted students at this age.  Families can read teacher biographies by clicking on the instructor’s name listed for a course or by going to the ExplorSchool Teacher Bios Page.

How Many Students Are In A Class?

Classes range from 5 - 16 students.

Do Staff Undergo Background Checks?

Yes. MITY conducts background checks on all staff members.

Do Students Receive a Grade or Performance Evaluation?

Each student will receive an end-of-session evaluation.  No letter grades or numerical scores will be issued.

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