Studio Painting

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    10:30am - 12:00pm CST

Do you like working with paint and exploring color? This summer class is all about painting with acrylics and watercolor. Students will learn about color theory, how colors look next to each other and how to apply color with a variety of painting techniques. Students will create teeny tiny paintings and larger scale canvas art to hang on their wall. We’ll also have discussions and virtual field trips to learn more about local artists and famous historical painters!

This Course has no upcoming dates

Interested in this class? Let us know and we will contact you when it is offered in the future.

About Online ExplorSchool

For Students In Grades 5 – 8

MITY’s Online ExplorSchool provides bright students with the opportunity to explore a topic of interest with similarly motivated peers. The goal is to keep students challenged and engaged as they build, create, and solve real world problems. Each class features a variety of activities that take students away from a screen as they use their hands to design and construct. Importantly, students also have opportunities to socialize with their peers through non-academic activities.

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