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    ExplorSchool Online Winter 2022

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There is mind-boggling math hiding in the most innocuous places.  “One,” “two,” and “three” are more complicated than you realize.  Although numbers might seem simple to people like us who have been hearing about them since we were babies, even the counting process, which we take for granted, probably took a great deal of effort for the smartest prehistoric humans to invent.  After humans knew about numbers and counting, it still took thousands of years to develop the best ways to write those numbers down.  In this course, you will learn what a number system is and how the familiar number system of Arabic numerals (“1,” “2,” “3,” etc.) differs from the number systems of the ancient Romans or ancient Babylonians.  We will learn about the number system used inside of computers, and we will invent new number systems.  Be prepared to question what you think you know about numbers and become an expert in the ways to write them.

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