Introduction to Chemistry

  • Session

    ExplorSchool Online Summer 2022

  • Class Times

    9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Do you love doing experiments?  Join us as we take a journey through the periodic table, properties of matter, basic nomenclature, and chemical reactions.  Students will make raisins dance, build a density column, create naked eggs and conduct other hands-on activities as they identify reaction types, name compounds, and look at the chemistry involved in cooking (with a few take-home recipes!).  Join us for an adventure into the world of SCIENCE!

About Online ExplorSchool

For Students In Grades 5 – 7

MITY’s Online ExplorSchool provides bright students with the opportunity to explore a topic of interest with similarly motivated peers. The goal is to keep students challenged and engaged as they build, create, and solve real world problems. Each class features a variety of activities that take students away from a screen as they use their hands to design and construct. Importantly, students also have opportunities to socialize with their peers through non-academic activities.

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