A Young Scientist’s Guide to COVID-19

  • Session

    ExplorSchool Online Summer 2021

  • Class Times

    10:30am - 12:00pm CST

Why do some viruses get killed off right away while others can stay on a hard surface, ready to infect a new host for days? Why is it so hard to make a vaccine? Why is it called a “coronavirus”? How are scientists working to characterize and create medicines to combat COVID-19? We all have a lot of questions. As young scientists, you may have found it difficult to find specific scientific information about COVID-19 and even if you did find it, you didn’t have the background knowledge you needed to understand what was going on and form your own opinions and theses. Using articles from the American Chemical Society and other resources, we’ll explore both current research ideas and foundational chemical concepts to understand this new coronavirus together. NOTE: A full year has gone by since this course was last offered. With the new information available, this class is repeatable with minimal overlap.

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