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MITY welcomes students from all over the world each summer.  International students have an opportunity to engage with students from throughout the United States and other countries. You will discover academic challenges, experience life on a college campus, improve your English language skills, and immerse yourself in American culture.

EYM 2023 Residential Minn Falls

Director's Welcome

Studying and living abroad, even for a short period, is a life-changing experience.  I vividly remember my own travels and believe that every student should have the opportunity to immerse themself in another culture. MITY's program provides a welcoming, safe and stimulating place to learn new skills, explore exciting topics and build independence.

MITY offers a residential program for students who are currently in grades 8 – 11.  Expand Your Mind (EYM) is a two-week program that begins on a Monday and ends on the following Friday.  We typically have two sessions, one in June and one in July.  International students should arrive on the Sunday before between 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (Central Standard Time).  Students leaving on an international flight should plan on departing between 4:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. on the second Friday of the session.

International students enrich our program and often make life-long friendships with other students.  We hope to welcome you to the United States and to MITY!

Please contact me if you have any questions. Below are some details to help make your arrival smooth and your stay memorable.

Erica Brewinski
MITY Executive Director

(651) 243-2221

Erica Brewinski


Students will live in a campus dorm in double rooms. Roommates are assigned according to roommate information sent with the acceptance packets. We do our best to pair international students with students from the United States.


International students have the same application process as US students.  Transcripts and teacher recommendations should be translated into English.  If there are any questions about our process, please contact Erica Brewinski, MITY Director, at or 651-243-2221.


Students will need proof of health insurance; this is part of our Health Form. For students traveling with a chaperone, please include a copy of a letter giving the chaperone permission to make health decisions for the student.


If you have any concerns about a student’s English language skills, please contact Erica Brewinski, MITY Director, at 651-243-2221 or


MITY takes place at Macalester College, one of a handful of selective liberal arts colleges located in a metropolitan area. The Twin Cities—Minneapolis and St. Paul—are home to 3.5 million people and countless opportunities. The tree-lined boulevard in front of campus is a favorite pathway to the Mississippi River, about a mile from campus, and a quick way to access everything in downtown St. Paul.  Students and their chaperones can explore the community on foot, by bike, or using public transportation. Minneapolis and St. Paul are known as two of the best biking cities in the United States, and there are two Nice-Bike stations (rentable bicycles) very close to the campus. There are two major bus stops as well. Macalester is located on Grand Avenue, which is home to an abundance of restaurants, stores and coffee shops. The campus is conveniently located a short distance from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International (MSP) Airport.


Residential students are carefully supervised by specially trained and selected resident interns who look after their safety and well-being and coordinate and lead all activities.  International students who come as a school group must have at least one chaperone accompanying them on their flight. The MITY staff will help with accommodations for the chaperone if needed.  Chaperones are given a bus pass and are encouraged to explore the Twin Cities while the students are in classes. Chaperones are welcome to join the evening fieldtrip events. Please contact Erica Brewinski at 651-243-2221 or for details about the cost for chaperones.


Students receive three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). The meals at Café Mac are healthy and delicious, offering many choices for Macalester’s own international community.  Café Mac has been committed to “food service for a sustainable future” for decades so you will always find something wonderful to eat!


A MITY staff member will meet you at the MSP airport and make arrangements for transportation to and from the campus.


Tuition for international students includes tuition, supplies, room, all meals, transportation to/from the airport (if needed), and evening and weekend events.  Students should bring their own spending money. Tuition can be paid via credit card.


Because MITY does not award credit for their courses, students need to enter the United States on a visitor status instead of F-1 student status. For citizens of countries requiring a visa, students should obtain a B-2 visa. Students should submit a copy of their visa and passport with their health information. For students traveling alone, it might be wise to have a letter from MITY stating the reason for the student’s visit (summer camp) in case there are any questions going through customs.  Please contact Erica Brewinski at 651-243-2221 or if you need a letter.

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