Studio Painting: Portraits and Landscapes

  • Session

    EYM Session A 2023

  • Class Category

    Fine Arts

Do you like working with paint and exploring color?  Join us as we take a deep dive into color theory, learning how to create custom colors and how to apply color with a variety of techniques.  Students will use acrylics and watercolor paints to create everything from teeny tiny paintings to larger scale canvas art to hang on their walls.  We will also engage in critique discussions, take a field trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Art, meet local artists, and conduct virtual visits to learn more about historical painters.

About Expand Your Mind

For Rising 9th-12th Grade Students

A Unique Experience on a College Campus

Expand Your Mind brings together talented students from across the Twin Cities, the nation, and the world for intensive learning and discovery during two 2-week summer sessions. Located on the beautiful campus of Macalester College, EYM challenges students academically while developing leadership skills, instilling self-confidence, and fostering lifelong friendships among like-minded peers.

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