Social Entrepreneurship

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    EYM Summer 2021 Session B

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Social entrepreneurship, the practice of using entrepreneurship to create social value, is a rapidly growing industry attracting significant attention and investment. Global companies such as Ben & Jerry’s and local companies such as Love Your Mellon prove that businesses can “do well” financially while “doing good” socially. 

This course will provide an overview of the social entrepreneurship field and the innovative ideas that drive change in diverse industries such as the environment, tech, and health. Guest speakers and tours of local social enterprises, including youth-founded organizations, will provide an opportunity to engage with innovators and insight into the thriving, local social entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Students will work collaboratively to develop and pitch their own idea for a non-profit or for-profit social enterprise as their final project. The class will cover how to research market opportunities, generate ideas, and build a business plan, introducing the basics of financial modeling and marketing strategy with an experienced business professional/educator. Local mentors and professionals will meet with students to provide feedback for their ideas and information about social entrepreneurship careers, including internship opportunities and funding competitions for high school students. 

This class will particularly benefit students who are creative, curious about learning outside the classroom, and interested in building a more mission-driven extra-curricular life.

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