Social Entrepreneurship: Solving Problems in Your Community

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    EYM Summer 2021 Session B

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Is posting on social media about injustice not cutting it for you? Are you motivated to solve  problems you see in your community but don’t know where to start? In this hands-on class, you  will learn the foundations of social entrepreneurship—how to identify and address a pressing  community issue through a sustainable, socially positive, and financially viable venture. You will meet and work with local innovators and problem solvers who are utilizing various business solutions to address diverse community challenges. You will work in teams to develop a vision for your venture, presenting your plan to a panel of experts for their feedback and getting first-hand experience at selling your venture “story” to knowledgeable professionals. When  you walk away from this class, you will have the tools—the skills, the mindset, and the blueprint—to become a changemaker in your community. 

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