Social Entrepreneurship

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    EYM Summer 2022 Session A

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Are you motivated to start a business but want to make sure it’s a force for good? In this hands-on class, you will learn the foundations of social entrepreneurship—how to identify and address a pressing community issue through a sustainable, socially positive, and financially viable venture.  You will meet local innovators as you work in teams to develop a vision for your venture, present your plan to a panel of experts for their feedback, and get first-hand experience at selling your venture “story” to knowledgeable professionals.  When you walk away from this class, you will have the tools—the skills, the mindset, and the blueprint—to become a changemaker in your community. 

About Expand Your Mind

For Rising 8th-12th Grade Students

A Unique Experience on a College Campus

Expand Your Mind brings together talented students from across the Twin Cities, the nation, and the world for intensive learning and discovery during two 2-week summer sessions. Located on the beautiful campus of Macalester College, EYM challenges students academically while developing leadership skills, instilling self-confidence, and fostering lifelong friendships among like-minded peers.

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