People and Society

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    EYM 2024 Session A

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Why are people homeless? Who determines the budget of a city’s police force? Who decided to put in that new stoplight? Where does our food come from and waste go? Who determines zoning laws? Each of these questions is rooted in social science. Economics, geography, politics, psychology, anthropology, and sociology are all part of the social sciences, which use the tools of science to study societies and the relationships among individuals within those societies. Through a combination of fieldwork and archival study, students will hone their observation and inquiry skills to learn more about some of the most challenging questions we collectively face. Join us to explore the many applications of this fascinating field within the urban context of Saint Paul.

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Expand Your Mind brings together talented students from across the Twin Cities, the nation, and the world for intensive learning and discovery during two 2-week summer sessions. Located on the beautiful campus of Macalester College, EYM challenges students academically while developing leadership skills, instilling self-confidence, and fostering lifelong friendships among like-minded peers.

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