Math and Programming: Let the Games Begin!

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    EYM Summer 2021 Session A

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Did you ever wonder how that video game was really made? In this class you will uncover the mystery behind video games and create one of your very own. It will be complete with tunnels, ramps, and whatever else you can dream up. Yes, this class is all about games. Did I mention Mini golf? Bring your putter and Let the Games Begin!  So, where’s the math? It’s everywhere! We will use algebra topics to move the ball, and geometry to bounce it off the wall. Throw in some linear equations, Pythagorean theorems, random integers, and inequalities and we all start to see the math method behind the madness of programming. Prerequisite: Algebra 1 or instructor’s approval.  Please bring your own TI83 or TI84 if you have one.

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