Astrophysics: Light, Waves, and the Physics of Stars (WAITLIST)

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    EYM Summer 2022 Session B

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Human beings have always been intrigued by the stars in the night sky.  How can we claim to know so much about objects that are so far away from our planet?  The answer?  Astrophysics.  In this class, students will examine the science behind “light” and electromagnetic waves.  They will use reflection and refraction to understand how lenses and mirrors work, and combine these optical elements to learn about telescopes.  Students will analyze the motion of local objects such as the moon and the sun, and have the opportunity to participate in a late-night observation session in the Macalester Observatory.  Finally, we will use computer simulations and other resources to learn about how stars form, evolve, and finish their life in our universe, and travel to the Bunker Hills Wave Pool to apply our knowledge.

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