Art as Advocacy

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    EYM Session B

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    Fine Arts

Calling all artists and activists!  This class is for the student with something to say.  Printmaking is one of the oldest forms of art making and has a rich history as a method for social change, social justice, and political and/or religious resistance.  Unlike drawing and painting, printmaking allows an artist to create an original work of art that can be easily reproduced many times over. This medium forces the artist to think critically about their ideas and message and find an original, simplified, aesthetically pleasing and creative way to share it with the world.  Students will explore several types of printmaking to enhance their theme and message during their time at MITY. The young artists will have a chance to work at a professional printmaking studio in Minneapolis, visit the print room at the Minneapolis Institute of Art and meet working artists that are advocating their messages in the art world.  

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