Architecture, Imagination and Placemaking

  • Session

    EYM Summer 2021 Session B

  • Class Category

    Fine Arts

When we make space on a table to do homework, when we move a chair into the sunshine or out of its glare, when we wrap ourselves in a blanket preparing to sleep, we are making places that meet our emotional and physical needs. Architects do the same things, yet with permanent materials and only after exploring many, many possibilities before constructing anything meant to last a long time. This course will introduce you to architecture, to how architects collaborate in teams, and to how architects study the world in order to imagine ways to make it better.  Together, we will extend and test our imagination by designing a small structure. We will explore many possibilities through drawing, model-making and critical questioning; and we will build some of our placemaking ideas at full scale. We anticipate at least one field trip to learn about local architecture by experiencing it together and as we consider our own design project.

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