Architecture and Place

When people buy and furnish a home, or when they make a space on a table to do homework, or find a seat on the bus, they are constructing places that meet their emotional and physical needs.  Architects do the same things, with more permanent materials. This course will introduce students to how architects see the world, and the tools they use to study it. Students will explore architecture through drawing, model making and critical questioning.  Working individually and in groups, they will design a series of spaces before choosing one to develop further and present at the end of the course. During the second week, the class will work together to design and build a full scale structure out of cardboard.  This provides a more hands on experience and illustrates the practical issues of structure and constructability. Finally, students will travel to places such as the Weisman Art Museum, Maya Lin’s Winter Garden and the Walker Art Museum.

This Course has no upcoming dates

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