CSI: Cool Science Investigations (WAITLIST)

  • Session

    YES Summer 2024 Session B

  • Time of Day

    Period 3

  • Grade Level

    Grades 3-4

Do you get wetter running or walking in the rain?  Does talking to plants help them grow?  Can a penny dropped from a skyscraper kill a pedestrian on the sidewalk below?  How can a hen sit on an egg and not break it, but a chick can peck its way out?  Do fingers get pruny because they absorb water?  In this hands-on class, students will use the scientific method as they hypothesize, make observations, and test some common misconceptions such as these.  If you love science, come investigate with us!

Your Extraordinary Summer (YES)

For 1st – 4th Grade Students

A MITY Adventure Awaits

MITY’s summer program for elementary students enables curious, high achieving students to continue their learning in a fun environment. Classes are intentionally designed to spark curiosity and expose students to new ways of thinking. Advanced learners also have the opportunity to socialize and play games with peers who share their passion for learning. Students can attend full day or half day, and extended care is available for families who need it.

Class periods for reference

Period 1

9:10AM - 10:25AM

Period 2

10:45AM - 12:00PM

Period 3

1:10PM - 2:25PM

Period 4

2:45PM - 4:00PM

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