Write Stuff: Produce, Polish, and Learn about Publishing

In this MITY class, we write, write, and write some more in our favorite genres and styles and are challenged to move outside of our comfort zones to create new possibilities. We also learn how to revise and peer edit, conference and collaborate to make our work polished for publication. Students can expect to:

  • Share their favorite genres and authors in an online discussion group and learn from the styles they already enjoy
  • Create a variety of draft pieces that expand the student’s skills in writing and communication
  • Learn how to think professionally about their craft via input from the instructor and guest writers, editors, and creative artists who will be invited to participate
  • Learn the value of self-editing skills and practices 
  • Edit and share their work in peer groups online so they can learn from each other how to reflect on their craft and skills
  • Create and present several final, developed pieces for a MITY publication online, in a podcast, and/or in a printed version

This Course has no upcoming dates

Interested in this class? Let us know and we will contact you when it is offered in the future.

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