Songwriting: Finding Your Voice

Come on a journey of discovery to find your songwriting voice! If you are reading this course description, you likely have a song—or many songs—inside of you waiting to come out. The time, then, has come—and you are invited to join us and let those songs take flight! In this class you will learn the nuts & bolts of songwriting and the poetry and magic in the process. You will write many songs during this course and you will do a lot of experimenting with your own personal creative style. The ability to play an instrument (or program instruments on computers) that you can sing/rap/speak along to is essential in this course—songwriters typically work from a piano or guitar. We will also learn about audio recording and beat-making.  The goal is to have a pocketful of new songs by the end of the session – perhaps a collection for your very own first album! Note: Students will also need some kind of device with which to record music during the session (examples: a laptop or tablet with GarageBand, or a laptop with Audacity, or a smartphone with a music recording and editing app).

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