Philosophy: Applying the Big Ideas of the Past to Understand Real Life in the Present

Have you ever wondered if you can trust your senses? Or, just what does ‘real’ really mean anyway? Or, who gets to decide what’s right and wrong and why? Or, maybe you’ve wondered what the difference is between the brain and the mind? If you’ve ever thought about these puzzling quandaries, Philosophy: Applying the Big Ideas of the Past to Understand Real Life in the Present is the class for you! Students can expect to:

  • Learn what philosophy ‘is’ and what it ‘does’
  • Explore research assignments that delve into the history of ideas and influential thinkers in philosophy, natural science, politics, the human sciences, and other areas of knowledge
  • Develop their own thoughts and responses to problems and questions that have arisen and driven philosophy for hundreds of years
  • Learn how to ‘do philosophy’ and use philosophical concepts to understand and explore the world around them in new ways
  • Join online eLearning sessions with peers and the instructor to discuss their research and developing ideas
  • Prepare for challenging college level discussions and writing about the history of ideas
  • Develop a final presentation that will pull their new philosophical ideas together for a MITY publication online, in a podcast, and/or in a printed version

This Course has no upcoming dates

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