Engineering and Robotics Model Building

Have you ever thought about how a robot is built and programmed to perform to a person’s command?  Do you wonder how heavy and light equipment such as power plants, cars, cranes, windmills, ferris wheels, electrical appliances, iRobots, and various others operate?  Do you like designing, building, robotic programming, modifying, problem solving, or just being creative?  If so, join the internationally-acclaimed e2 Young Engineers Robotics & STEM Learning Program as they teach you robotics and engineering concepts and challenge you to build up to 16 different motorized robotic and engineering models using patented building and programming kits from Europe.  Students will develop logical thinking skills and learn scientific and engineering concepts such as kinetic and potential energy, angular momentum, Newton’s Laws, symmetry and asymmetry, gear transmissions, the science behind rhythm, vibration, and various others. ($75 course fee)

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