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Jacqueline (Jackie) Di Giacomo

Jackie is an Advanced Learning Instructor who teaches Independent Investigations (research) and Project Think (engineering design) to elementary school children.  She earned a BASc in Chemical Engineering with a Nuclear Engineering specialty from the University of Toronto (Canada).  As an engineer in the nuclear field, she loved wearing her hard hat and working outside in the field where learning opportunities were abundant (and sometimes dangerous!).  Originally from Oregon, Jackie has volunteered extensively with children of all ages in roles ranging from soccer coach to camp counselor with Camp Odayin (a camp for kids with congenital heart disease).  Inspired by her own children, she discovered that she is passionate about teaching children to realize how incredibly amazing they are and how each of us has gifts that are essential to the world.  The twinkle in a child’s eye as their wheels are spinning fuels Jackie’s commitment to learning adventures.  She believes learning should be fun mixed in with a whole lot of WOW!

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