Polygons, Protractors and Pythagoras (3rd/4th graders)

Explore mathematical concepts through hands-on art-based activities. Modern Art will serve as the backdrop for us to explore concepts of number sequences, complex patterns and other geometric principles. Each week, we’ll apply what we learned by creating artwork of our own. You’ll not only learn about the Pythagorean Theorem, but you’ll use it to create art in the style of various 20th Century abstract artists. We’ll explore polygons and ratios, and use that knowledge when looking at works by painters such as Frank Stella, Sonia Delaunay and MC Escher.
Carrie Arnold: MA, Instruction, St. Mary’s University; BA, “Art, Community and Pedagogy,” Hamline University. Carrie has worked with children and youth in Alaska, Missouri, England, Switzerland, and is always happy to return to Minnesota.