Mathematics and Art (3rd/4th grader)


In this class, we will look at  different ways we can see Mathematics in Art.  We will learn about geometric concepts and notice patterns, angles, and lines of perspective in art work already created and work to create our own art inspired by Mathematics.  We will learn about different math concepts and explore a different artist each week and we will use various art materials and create a new project for each class.

Ann Bernard is a Grade 5 classroom teacher inspired to support positive learning environments for all students.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Wheelock College, now part of Boston University, in Boston, MA.    She has taught in both Boston and Minnesota, in various classroom settings, including co-teaching a special education inclusion classroom as well as co teaching with an English Language Learning Teacher.   Ann has also been a Math and Engineering Specialist at her district’s STEM Elementary Magnet school.  She was a District Elementary Math Coach for six years.  Lastly, for over 10 years, she has been a Co-Planner and Lead Teacher for Nature’s Engineers, her district’s summer camp program for GT/YS students.