Minnesota GeoChemistry (3rd/4th graders)

In this class, students will discover how seashells and volcanoes break down into fascinating chemistry and rock talk!  We’ll go back in time in Minnesota to better understand why the land here looks like it does today.  From maps to cookie mining, volcanic fissures to fossils, the periodic table of elements to rockin’ geologist stories – adventure awaits!


Heidi Ferris:  For Heidi, teaching is an opportunity to empower the learner in their problem-solving skills and unique talents through a real-world scientific lens.  She has been with MITY for 5 years.  Ms. Ferris founded Growing Green Hearts to specialize in environmental STEM, nature play, and climate community projects.  Heidi has nearly two decades of first-hand teaching experience including middle and high school level science courses, STEM teacher trainings, and curriculum writing for classrooms, faith-based groups and secular non-profits.  She holds an MAEd in natural Sciences and Environmental Education.