Saturdays on Shakespeare’s Stage (3rd/4th graders)

Shakespearean acting …It’s theatre, but it’s English Language mastery! After all, he did invent some of the best of it. Using our acting tools: our bodies, our voices and our imaginations we will play medieval to modern stage games each week. Including stage combat lessons (think invisible but deadly daggers), and directing each other in scenes from some of The Bard’s most outrageous comedies. After only three weeks, *fashionable students are left  *bedazzled by the *eventful and *hot-blooded antics we get away with in this class!

*= words invented by Playwright William Shakespeare

Patty Hall: BA, Theatre, UM Ms. Patty Hall is a performing arts educator and national award winning actor, twice invited to perform at The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. In addition to teaching acting camps and classes for MITY, she creates theatre workshops and performing arts training for schools, community ed/recreation programs, young professional and pre-professional actors.