CSI (3rd/4th graders)


How do scientists use their skills to unravel modern crimes or explain ancient mysteries? What tools and methods do they use in untangling these puzzles? If you have ever wondered how forensic scientists find the guilty parties, then this is the class for you! Explore with us how the experts uncover clues and match evidence to likely suspects. We will use creative dramatics, scientific experiments, and fascinating demonstrations to examine the ways that forensic scientists work. Join us to conduct investigations by collecting evidence in the “field” and experimenting in the lab. Fingerprinting will be only a start as you begin this journey of crime science investigation. The game’s afoot! Come unlock secrets with us!

Brenda & Tim Barrett: Brenda teaches elementary students as a curriculum specialist in White Bear Lake. Tim has created and taught classes for nine years at The Bakken Museum using creative dramatics to talk about science. They also worked with CLIMB Theater to teach K-12 students creative activities to deal with real life issues. Both Brenda and Tim have taught gifted students at YES classes since 2008. They enjoy finding new and curious connections between the worlds of art and science.