The Artful Scientist: Leonardo DaVinci and YOU (1st/2nd graders)

Are you an artist or a scientist? You could be both, of course. Leonardo DaVinci certainly was! Leonardo was a great artist who painted the famous Mona Lisa. He was also was an eager scientist who studied the flight of birds and insects, drew detailed sketches of them, and wondered how to build flying machines. Explore the ways that artists and scientists work, through creative dramatics, theater games, exciting experiments and demonstrations. You’ll think like Leonardo as we learn about his paintings, his inventions, and his amazing observations of the world.  This class is for artful scientists and scientific artists ready for fun filled learning. Invent, create and explore and become a modern Leonardo DaVinci!

Brenda & Tim Barrett: Brenda teaches elementary students as a curriculum specialist in White Bear Lake. Tim has created and taught classes for eight years at The Bakken Museum using creative dramatics to talk about science. They also worked with CLIMB Theater to teach K-12 students creative activities to deal with real life issues. Both Brenda and Tim have taught gifted students at YES classes since 2008. They enjoy finding new and curious connections between the worlds of art and science.