Dabbling with DaVinci: Art and the Scientist (3rd/4th graders)

If you are a scientist interested in art, an artist interested in science, welcome to the world of Leonardo DaVinci who was involved in both. DaVinci used an artist’s creative skills and a scientist’s investigative brain to paint the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. He was a devoted scientist who studied the flight of birds and insects, drew detailed sketches of them, and wondered how to build flying machines.  DaVinci was an early engineer, imagining how to build a medieval tank, a submarine, and even a helicopter.  With hands-on experiments, dramatics, games, and demonstrations, we will discover the ways that both artists and scientists work. See how DaVinci lived in both these worlds through his paintings, his inventions, and his observations of the world.  Come invent, create and explore!

Brenda & Tim Barrett: Brenda teaches elementary students as a curriculum specialist in White Bear Lake. Tim has created and taught classes for eight years at The Bakken Museum using creative dramatics to talk about science. They also worked with CLIMB Theater to teach K-12 students creative activities to deal with real life issues. Both Brenda and Tim have taught gifted students at YES classes since 2008. They enjoy finding new and curious connections between the worlds of art and science.