Writers’ Workshop:  (AM only) – CLASS IS FULL

For many lifetimes, writers have expressed themselves in various ways and have experimented with many different writing forms.  In this class, we will explore both narrative and essay writing, studying these genres, drafting our own pieces, and then enhancing our work through a writing workshop format.  Our workshop follows those of professional writers, as we share our work with others and receive specific praise as well as constructive feedback.  During our first week, we will explore narrative writing, focusing on the theme of heroes and villains in literature.  Then, over the course of the second week, we will study effective essay writing.  The Library of Congress offers a “Letters About Literature” writing contest every year, and we will model our work around their criteria.  As a result of this class, students will become more skilled, versatile writers who thoroughly understand the writing workshop process of giving and receiving constructive feedback.

Molly Hammel:  BA in Elementary and Middle School Education from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Endorsements in Gifted Education and English.  MA in Educational Leadership from the University of Virginia, Falls Church campus.  Currently a gifted and talented specialist in Apple Valley – Rosemount – Eagan.