Mity Supporters

MITY thank you!

“Thank you for helping expand young minds! You should feel confident that your contributions to the MITY program/curriculum are a sound investment in our children (and your future employees).“
MITY Parent

“…I wanted to thank the many donors for helping me financially. The people at MITY understand the value of the program and are willing to give every kid a chance to experience it.”
MITY Student

MITYdonors 2015.2016

Foundations, Corporations and organizations

Ecolab Foundation

Tennant Foundation

Bluestem Holding Corporation

Ikonics Corporation

RBC Wealth Management

Thomson Reuters

Twin Cities Opera Guild

MN Council for Gifted and Talented (MCGT)

Wet Paint, St. Paul MN

Individual donors and volunteers

We would also like to extend our appreciation to the over 100 donors and volunteers who supported MITY this past year.  I speak for all the MITY staff and faculty when I say, thank you for giving so many students an opportunity to spend time at MITY, allowing us to be part of their intellectual and social growth!


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